Outreach and Marketing Coordinator

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full-time or part-time


The Outreach / Marketing Coordinator works to grow the patient census, and increase overall revenue.  In addition, the Outreach / Marketing Coordinator will provide administrative assistance to the officers and represent the offices in external communications. This is an hourly, non-exempt position.

Scope of responsibilities

The following list of duties outlines a starting point, as the practice grows and needs of the business change, specific duties and responsibilities might be moved to other staff and new duties and responsibilities may be added.

  • Maintain contact databases, including patient, referral, sales prospect, and provider

  • Send out mass mailings

  • Coordinate monthly patient promotional emails

  • Conduct promotional and outreach visits to providers, businesses, and community

  • Coordinate special events

  • Maintain relationship with local businesses and community groups

  • Coordinate all community service and community giving

  • Manage social media, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yelp

  • Respond to online feedback and reviews

  • Gather feedback from patients, providers, and potential patients to improve services and/or market services, methods to include interviews, surveys, and focus groups.

  • Represent Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer in public affairs

  • Assist COO in communications with governmental agencies

  • Serve as point contact for all vendors, including product sales reps and computer services

  • Draft and edit written communications

  • Maintain communication with patients and address patient concerns

  • Special tasks as assigned by COO

How to apply


Complete our job application. Send your completed job application, cover letter, and resume to apply@recharge.clinic or by snail mail to Recharge Medical, 1456 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94109-4712.


Call us at 415-409-3456.

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