Diabetic foot care


Do you have diabetes? Come get a diabetic pedicure! We go to great lengths to reduce the possibility of infections. We train our technicians to identify foot health problems and to address the needs of diabetic clients. Our on-site doctor works with our nail care staff to provide the safest environment possible for your pedicure and help you understand how best to care for your nails when you have diabetes.

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Foot disease is the most common complication of diabetes leading to hospitalization, and diabetes is the leading cause of lower limb amputation. Over half of these amputations might be prevented through simple foot care practices. Early identification of foot problems and early intervention to prevent problems from worsening can avert many hospitalizations and amputations.

If you have diabetes, you’re vulnerable to nerve and vascular damage that can result in a loss of sensation in the feet, poor circulation, and poor healing of foot ulcers. However, the absence of nerve and vascular symptoms doesn’t mean that your feet aren’t at risk. Risk of ulceration can’t be assessed without a careful examination of your feet on a regular basis.

Good foot care includes regular foot inspections and proper pedicures. Together, these form an essential part of diabetes management. Yet only 52% of people with diabetes stated that they checked their feet at least daily and only 55% of adults with diabetes reported having at least an annual foot examination by a health care provider.

Risk factors

Risk factors leading to foot problems and lower extremity amputation include:

  • improper foot care
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • plantar callus (a buildup of hard skin on the ball of the foot)
  • hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)
  • prior foot ulcers
  • foot deformity
  • cigarette smoking
  • living with diabetes for many years
  • bilateral absence of vibration sense
  • bilateral absence of Achilles tendon reflexes

What leads to amputation?

In studies almost 66% of amputations were a result of minor trauma leading to cutaneous ulceration followed by wound healing failure. Causes of minor foot trauma include:

  • shoes that fit poorly
  • cutting toenails improperly
  • accidental cuts or wounds
  • frostbite or burns
  • pressure sores

Health & safety

Our safety procedures are identical to or more stringent than those of hospitals. Details: We provide the safest pedicures and manicures.

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