Medical Policies

The following policies apply to our primary care medical services, cosmetic medical services, travel medical services, USCIS medical examinations, and diabetic foot care.


  1. Recharge Medical bills for only the medical services and tests performed in its office; fees for outside services are billed separately.
  2. A $15-per-month late fee will be applied to any unpaid balance.
  3. If my insurance company doesn’t pay within 60 days, I am billed directly.
  4. My account is considered delinquent if unpaid after 90 days. A private collection agency resolves delinquent accounts. My account will be subject to all reasonable collection and court costs.

Insurance and payments

  1. All payments, including co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, and deposits, are due before services are rendered.
  2. I shall present my insurance card at every visit.
  3. If my insurance plan changes or is terminated, I will notify the office immediately. If I fail to do this, I am financially responsible for any and all services that are rendered. If my account becomes delinquent, I am responsible for any fees incurred to collect the outstanding balance.
  4. My insurance policy is a contract between me and my insurance company. Not all services are covered by my insurance company. I’m responsible for knowing what is and isn’t covered by my insurance. I’m ultimately responsible for payment of services provided, regardless of whether my insurance covers it. I’m responsible for communicating with my insurance company regarding their coverage.

Narcotics and controlled substances

  1. I will not receive prescriptions for any controlled substance on my first visit.
  2. If I need ongoing narcotic prescriptions, I’ll be referred to a pain specialist for those prescriptions and further pain management.
  3. Controlled substances will not be continually refilled.


  1. Outside of office visits I may communicate with my physician by way of the medical assistant.
  2. If I want to communicate with my physician directly, I will make an in-office appointment to do so.

Prescriptions and orders

  1. All prescriptions, refills, referrals, lab orders, test orders, and paperwork (such as disability reports and medical releases) are to be issued only during my appointment.
  2. I will request any such needed services at my appointment.
  3. I understand that there might be additional charges to complete paperwork that I request.

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