We provide the safest pedicures and manicures

Safety standards at our Nail Clinic surpass those required for nail salons and day spas.

Recharge Medical is a medical facility, so we use the same infection control standards as hospitals. Our nail technicians are specially trained to provide nail care for people:

  • with hand and foot problems

  • at risk for hand and foot problems

  • with impaired immune functioning

Oversight and training

Our Nail Clinic is overseen by healthcare professionals with years of experience in public health and clinical medicine.

Our nail technicians are licensed in California for nail care and receive extensive additional training in:

  • health education

  • foot anatomy and health

  • recognizing related health problems

  • pathology affecting hands, feet, and nails

  • antiseptic procedure and infection control

  • when to refer to medical providers such as podiatrists

  • when to refer for consultation with our on-site medical team

Infection control


  • use a surgical-grade autoclave for all tools that can be autoclaved

  • participate in a third-party monitoring process for independent verification that our autoclave is in working order. See About Sterilization.

  • follow an antiseptic procedure during all nail treatments. This includes:

    • a chlorhexidine prep before pedicures

    • use of pre-packaged pedicure / manicure packs

    • use of clean field treatment areas

    • use of disinfected stainless steel foot baths

  • never use spa chair foot whirlpools

  • follow documented clinical infection control procedures throughout the facility. These procedures include:

    • a clean room / dirty room system, as used in hospital settings to reduce possible contamination by physical separation of dirty and clean items

    • on-site laundry using disinfecting laundry agents and high heat

    • hospital-grade disinfectant with an extremely short contact kill time to ensure all surfaces are properly disinfected

  • carefully monitor water temperature in foot baths to ensure clients with reduced temperature sensation in their extremities are not burned by water soaks

  • require all staff members to:

    • have regular tuberculosis (TB) testing

    • receive an annual flu vaccine

    • maintain documentation of compliance with health care worker vaccination requirements

Health education


  • provide relevant health history and current nail care processes

  • are provided with education about proper foot and nail care and information about how their medical conditions might affect their nails

  • are provided with a personalized aftercare plan


We’re recognized by the Department of the Environment of the City and County of San Francisco as a healthy nail salon in the Healthy Salon Recognition Program. Details: Pretty Shouldn’t Stink.

About sterilization

Sterilization is a process that removes or kills all forms of life present on the surface of an object, and this is important because our attention to preventing infections protects your health. To ensure sterility of our tools, we use a device called an autoclave which sterilizes objects using steam. Autoclaves are frequently used in medical settings such as medical clinics, dental offices, and hospitals. We take the same steps used by hospitals to ensure our autoclave is in optimal working order and that every tool we use is verifiably sterilized. Our autoclave runs diagnostics with every cycle to ensure it reaches optimal temperature and pressure. Our autoclave packets also include a heat indicator. The indicators change color when they have reached the correct temperature. Your nail technician will show you the colored strip on the autoclave packet before he or she opens it so that you can visually confirm its sterility. In addition, we weekly perform a biological test, or spore test, which confirms that the autoclave is killing pathogens by comparing autoclaved spore vials to control spore vials from an incubator. This testing is monitored by an independent agency. View our participation certificate:

Health & safety