Why we don’t do acrylic or artificial nails

We know many of you love your acrylic nails. You love the way they look, how long they last, and how strong they make your nails. But acrylic nails have risks that you should know about:

  • Over time, acrylic nails can crack or separate from your real nails. When this happens, moisture collects, providing warm, moist places for infectious organisms to grow. This, in turn, can infect your skin or nails or enable you to unwittingly pass on infections to your family, friends, or co-workers.
  • Acrylic nails destroy your nail beds, making nails thin, brittle, and dry.
  • Artificial nails pose a health risk to you, our staff, and our other clients with the dust and harsh fumes created during the application process.

At Recharge Medical, we want you to have beautiful, all-natural nails! We pledge to improve your nail health and get you out of artificial nails with our 10 Weeks to Healthy Fingers package. (See Nail Clinic.) With this 10-treatment program we will gently remove your artificial nails and help you grow your natural nails to be strong and beautiful. Take the first step toward improving your own health and protecting the people you interact with!

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