Why we never use spa chair foot baths

Whirlpool spa foot baths have health risks that you should know about:

  • Even when a best effort is made to disinfect a spa chair foot bath basin, a risk of infectious disease still exists.
  • There are many documented cases of foot and leg infections that were found to have been caused by treatments in a spa chair foot bath.
  • Salons often do not clean whirlpools long enough (at least 10 minutes with an EPA-registered disinfectant), do not use strong enough disinfectant, or do not conduct regular maintenance and cleaning of pipes and jets.

At Recharge Medical, we don’t take these risks with your health. We provide all pedicure and manicure soaks in stainless steel bowls. After each use the bowl is scrubbed and soaked in germicide. This process prevents the spread of bacteria, fungus, and other infectious diseases. This method also enables us to use natural herbs and oils that would clog spa chair foot bath basins. These herbs and oils add further luxury to our pedicures.

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