Travel health

Peace of mind, protect your health

A travel health visit with our physician will assess all of your health risks and take steps to keep you healthy while you are away. Your visit will be tailored to your health and travel itinerary, with the most current health information about your planned destinations and activities. We can also provide post-travel care, for those times something goes awry while you are abroad.

Vaccines are needed to protect from things like yellow fever, but good travel health is more than just vaccines. Planning for a healthy trip includes addressing possible health issues like:

and more...

Our network protects you

We are connected—and so you are connected—to the most current travel health resources in the world. Our clinic is part of the International Society for Travel Medicine. We use Geosentinel, the world’s premier disease outbreak early detection network. We have direct communication with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ready access to travel medicine doctors around the world. Our staff remains informed about travel medicine concerns by frequently reviewing health issues affecting travelers and the current health status at travel destinations.

Visit us asap before you travel

Since some vaccines and medications require multiple doses or must be given up to two weeks before possible exposure, visit us as soon as you have plans to travel.

While traveling, journal your health events

Many tropical and exotic infections can lay dormant for weeks or even years before they cause health problems. It is important to keep note of your travel dates, locations, unusual activities and foods, and notable health events that occur, such as an insect bite or a cut while swimming in a lake. If you feel sick right after—or even weeks after—your return, it could be connected to your travel, and your health events journal can help providers give you the best treatment possible. Seek medical care to ensure you are treated properly and make sure you let your healthcare providers know about your travel.

Your personalized travel health services include

  • A plan to protection your health based on an understanding of your personal health needs, a review of your travel itinerary, and the most current health information about your destinations

  • Prescriptions for medicines you need to take before you leave to prevent infection (i.e.malaria prophylaxis) and medicines you might need while you are there (i.e. medicines to treat traveler’s diarrhea)

  • Vaccines and booster vaccines recommend based on your specific travel destinations, time of travel, and planned activities.

What to tell us

To provide you with the best care, we need to know these details:

  • your health history, current medications, and vaccine history

  • dates of travel

  • is your travel for pleasure, business, or humanitarian service?

  • destination locations

  • modes of travel (plane, cruise ship, small boat, train, car, subways)

  • accommodations (city hotel, private homes, tents, small rural guesthouses)

  • travel events (swimming, fishing, hiking, city walking, mountain climbing)


  • CDC certified provider of yellow fever vaccine

  • ISTM